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What is the major difference between Fad and Fashion?

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The words Fashion and Fad are much related to each others.

The major differences between Fashion and Fad.

Fashion Fad
Fashion can be defined as styles of clothing and accessories. Fad refers to a craze in the fashion industry that attracts large crowds.
Fashion lasts for a longer duration. Fad are short-lived craze in society.
Fashion is a style of clothing. Whereas, Fad is a subcategory of Fashion.
People passes & transfer fashion to next generation. People quickly lose interest in it and change it.
Fashion is consistent. Fad is always inconsistent.
Fashion takes much more time to be accepted. Fad spread too suddenly and quickly.
Fashion can broadly distinctive. Fad isn't always broadly distinctive.
Fashion covers mainly clothing, accessories, footwear, makeup, hairstyle...etc Fad includes diets, clothing, dance, music, behavior, makeup, even language...etc

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