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What made Elvis such a popular Celebrity? Why is considered as King in the world of Rock and Roll?

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What made Elvis such a popular Celebrity? Let's find out.

Elvis was known for his musical talent, good looks, and fashion. He brought rhythms and sexual provocative movements of black musicians to white audiences.

His abilities as an entertainer were truly one of a kind and make him stand out from other rock legends.

Few reasons which made Elvis such a popular Celebrity:

  • Elvis's Music collection

The collection of Music of Elvis presley is more impressive and notable that most other established musicians.

In span of just 20 years, Elvis released 9 live album, 28 compilation records, 29 EPs, 18 soundtracks, 24 box sets along with 24 studio albums.

His catalog has more than 107 compilations released since his mysterious death.

  • Elvis mysterious death

On August 16, 1977, Elvis got the news of Elvis death from apparent heart attack. Many believed that he was alive. Many people claim that his death was faked.

There has been a lots of stories stating reasons behind the death of Elvis.

  • Elvis impersonator around the world

Elvis's huge fan following has brought a lots of impersonators around the world. These entertainer copies the look and sound of great American musicians.

Only his list of impersonators is much bigger than many of musician's fan. There is estimate of 84,000 Elvis impersonators.

He is still followed and copied by his fans around the world.

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