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Question: Is there any difference between the two roads as the poet describes them.

  1.  In stanzas two and there?
  2.  In the last two lines of the poem?

Chapter: The Road Not Taken

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  1.  In stanzas two and there: In stanza two, the poet explains that the only difference between the two roads/paths was that the road he took had the right to be chosen as it had better claim because it was covered with grass and looked as if it had not been much used. However, at the end of the stanza, he says that both roads had been almost equally worn down by people walking on them. However, in stanza three, he says that on that morning both the roads were equally covered with leaves and that no person had stepped on them.
  2.  In the last two lines of the poem: In the last two lines of the poem, the poet says (probably many years after the first time, he has mentioned in the poem) that there was a difference between the two roads because he took the road that was less travelled by and that made all the difference to his journey.

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