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How to get 5.8 stars on Covet Fashion? How to get perfect score on Covet Fashion?

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Want to know how to get 5.8 stars on Covet Fashion? Wanna score perfect on Covet Fashion?

If yes, here is a list of few tips and advice to score 5.8 stars or perfect score on Covet Fashion.

List of Best Tips to score 5.8 stars on Covet Fashion:

  • Have patience and faith in yourself.
  • Do a good look that voters will agree with. But, don’t over do it.
  • Always be careful about color clashes, makeup, lipstick, jewellery, shoes, etc.
  • Keep yourself updated with the latest trend on Covet Fashion.
  • Join Facebook groups to get inspirations and learn from other. [Link to 10+ Best FB groups for Covet Fashion].
  • Always admire others work and take some inspirations from them.
  • Use hair colors very wisely. It enhances the highlighting effect.
  • Sometime, it takes a while and people loose their hope.

Pro tip:

In starting, you can play classic & you’d normally have a higher chance of getting 5+ stars than modern. For higher levels, modern is far much better.

Want to join Best Facebook Group for Covet Fashion? Click here to get list of 10+ Best Facebook groups for Covet Fashion.

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