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When it comes to make a website for any Educational Institutions, we want to start by registering an .edu domain and make the site. But, .edu domains are strictly reserved for US-based Institutions. Now, for alternatives, we have,, and (if related to gov.).

How to Register,, and Domains in India?

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That's correct!

No one can register a .edu domain in India. It is subjected to US educational institutions.

But, we can register similar domain extensions in India;, or

But, is the best alternative to .edu domain extension.

As seen clearly, has a word "edu" in itself. So, the domain must be related to Education or Academics.

"ERNET India" is exclusive registrar for domains ending with,, and others.

How to Register domains in India?

Steps to be followed to register, or domain names:

  • You must fulfill the eligibilty requirement of these domains. List of requirements for these domains. If your organisation/institution/other fulfill these criteria, the go ahead.
  • Now, go to registration page ( of these domains.
  • Now, search domains name by entering keyword (organisation/institution name). Example: "iit or iitech" for Indian Institute of Technology (if name is long).
  • Next, select the extension from, or
  • Then, Select the registration tenure (1 to 10 years). Along with that, fill the image verification.
  • Now, click on Go.

You will be presented a page containing Agreement Details. Read it and cross verify the information. Here are more or less about that agreement (please check it on your behalf also) and these can change with time.

  • First, you have to review the Domain naming conventions/Guidelines and POLICY of Domain Name Registration.
  • Then, there will be some terms and conditions (in short below). But please check it on your behalf also.
  • Public and Private educational institutions, Primary and Secondary Schools, Government and Private Colleges, Professional and Vocational Institutes, Universities, can apply for domain name ending with and
  • A formal request on the letterhead of the institute duly signed by the head of the institution, for which domain name registration is applied, should be uploaded on the site. The letter should be addressed to (ERNET DOMAIN REGISTRAR, ERNET India, Block-I, A Wing DMRC, IT Park, Shastri Park, New Delhi 110053).
  • A payment should be made online or offline to ERNET India.
  • Documentary proofs of the institute and USER (representing the institution) should be uploaded to the site.
  • Any modification in the name will be done be the head of that institution.
  • The registration of domain will be done after all the above process completed.
  • and much more. (Must check and verify everything mentioned there)

  • At the end of the page, you will get a "I agree" button. Click on that, only if you're totally agreeing to their terms and conditions and agreement. You can contact to their team if you're having issue with something.
  • Now, you will be on a page where you have to upload the documents and payment proofs. Also, you have to sent all the original document to their office.
  • After uploading, click on Submit.
  • You will be asked to make payment online or to send payment to ERNET and provide the NEFT transfer number.
  • And last, everything will be verified and cross-checked.
If everything will good, then congrats! you have successfully registered a domain name.

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