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If someone in India want to register and get .edu domain, then

  1. How to register .edu domain in India?
  2. Where to register .edu domains in India?
  3. What is the cost of registration of .edu domains?

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You can Register a Domain Name with .edu extension only if you meet some certain Eligibility criteria.

Domain Name ending with (.edu) is managed by Educause (a higher education information technology association). They are the Sole Registrar for the domain names in the .edu generic top-level domain (gTLD).

There are some certain Eligibility criteria to meet before you apply for .EDU Domain Name. They are:

> Institutional Eligibility

  1. They must be U.S.-based post secondary institutions.
  2. They must have institutional accreditation from an institutional accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.
> System/District Office Eligibility
  1. University system offices, state coordinating offices or boards, community college district offices, or equivalent entities located within the United States having as their principal activity the management and governance of a collection of "Accredited Institutions" that themselves meet the eligibility criteria for .edu.
> Association/Consortium Eligibility
  1. Non-profit entities are eligible to register one .edu domain if the vast majority of their members are colleges, universities, and other relevant educational organizations, provided that at least 75 percent of their institutional members are themselves currently eligible for a .edu domain.

Now, let's come to your questions.

1.) How to register .edu domain in India?

Ans: You cannot register .edu domain in India. Firstly, any individual cannot register any .edu domain. There must be an organization/institutions related to Education in US. Check more about eligibility criteria for .edu domains.

2.) Where to register .edu domains in India?

Ans: As stated above, you cannot register .edu domains in India. You can Register in India.

3.) What is the cost of registration of .edu domains?

Ans: The cost of registration of .edu domain is USD 77 (as of now). If you meet the criteria, then search for the desired name using .edu domain search tool.

Register edu domain in India

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