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Question: Which historical figure inspired the name of a popular chocolate brand?


  1. Joan of Arc
  2. Lady Godiva
  3. Eleanor Roosevelt

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2. Lady Godiva

Lady Godiva is a historical figure who inspired the name of a popular chocolate brand 'Godiva Chocolatier'.


Godiva Chocolatier is a very popular Belgain chocolate brand.

Godiva was founded in 1926 in Brussels. Under name of 'Lady Godiva', its first shop was opened in the Grand Place in Brussels.

The name was taken in honour of the legend of Lady Godiva.

The first shop outside Belgium was opened in Paris after 32 years of first launch. And, in 1966, the company entered the US market.

In the same year, the Draps Family (who founded the company) sold the Godiva Chocolatier.

In 2016, Godiva had approximately 650 retail stores throughout the world. Godiva's global presence increased rapidly, especially in countries like China and Japan. Godiva has factories in Brussels, Reading, Pennsylvania, and Turkey.

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