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Question: Which of these is not a wine region of France?


  1.  Rhone
  2.  Alsace
  3.  Rioja
  4.  Bordeaux
  5.  Jura

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3. Rioja

Rioja is not a wine region of France. It is spread in North Central Spain.

More info:

1. Rhone - Rhône is one of the oldest & classic wine regions in France. It begins in the center of France and extends into the Mediterranean Sea.

2. Alsace - Alsace is a hidden treasure trove located in northeastern France. It is known for its fragrant, colorful, and spicy white wines. More than 90% of regional production is make up by White wines.

3. Rioja - Situated 120 Miles south of Bilbao, Rioja is a wine region in North Central Spain. There are more than 63k hectares of vineyards divided between the three provinces of Upper Ebro.

4. Bordeaux - Bordeaux wine regions are the most growing wine regions, varying in size and sometimes sparse, within the vibrant Bordeaux wine region, centered in the city of Bordeaux and encompassing the entire Gironde Aquitaine entrance.

5. Jura - Jura is a region in the east of France, between Burgundy and Switzerland. Between Burgundy and Jura lies La Bresse, a flat land lying on either side of the river Saône. The vines start when the ground begins to rise to the east and towards a large limestone plateau.

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