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Question: Which dessert shares its name with a Korean food made with Intestines?


  1. Rice pudding
  2. Panna cotta
  3. Sundae

Also, which Korean food is made up with Intestines?

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3. Sundae

Sundae is a dessert shares its name with a Korean food made with Intestines.


  • Sundae Dish


Sundae is a Korean dish. It is somehow type of sausage or blood sausage. It is street food, extremely popular in both Korea; North and South Korea.

The history of Korean dish 'Sundae' takes back to the Goryeo period (918–1392).

It is generally made from cow or pig's intestines filled with various ingredients. This sound a bit weird. Also, Sundae dish has been featured on weird food lists on various food listing and inspection website.

This dish is considered as highly unusual food by most of foreigners who might have tried. At the same time, most Koreans believe that it is a good snake to be eaten during meals.

  • Sundae Dessert


Sundae dessert is an ice cream dessert. It is an American origin dessert. Typically, it is topped with syrup or a sauce with other ingredients.

It consist ice cream topped with sauce or syrup and in some cases other topping materials such as sprinkles, whipped cream, peanuts or other fruits...etc.

Many stories points about the invention of the Sundae. Most of them referred that ice cream sundae was a variation os the popular ice cream soda.

A/c to Evanston Public Library (Illinois), the sale of soda was banned on Sundays in Illinois. That might be the idea of invention of Sundae which contain soda (indirectly). While other stories focus on the novelty or inventiveness of the treat.

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