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Read the following extract carefully and choose the correct option.

‘Gee’, said Tommy, “what a waste. When you’re through with the book, you just throw it away, I guess. Our television screen must have had a million books on it and it’s good for plenty more. I wouldn’t throw it away.”

“Same with mine”,  said Margie. She was eleven and hadn’t seen as many telebooks as Tommy had. He was thirteen. 

She said “Where did you find it?” 

“In my house.” He pointed without looking because he was busy reading. “In the attic.”

“What’s it about?”


Question:  Which word in the passage is antonym of ‘less’?


  1.  Million
  2.  Slight
  3.  Plenty of
  4.  Deficient

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3. Plenty of

'Plenty of' is antonym of ‘less’ in the passage.

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