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Question:  Do you agree with Margie that schools today are better than the schools in the story ‘The Fun They Had’.

Give reasons for your answer.

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In the story "The Fun They Dad" the writer Isaac Asimov talks about future schools. The school is an room inside the children home where each child is taught by a mechanical teacher and there are telephone books on television.

After reading this story, I think we students right now should be satisfied. I agree that single teacher for each child can work better and parents can set the school time for their the child in flexible hours. If the school (room) is at home, children do not have to walk or drive until now and this saves time and money.

But on the other hand, we lose the opportunity to connect with people with different mindset and approach. The most important benefit we have today is to communicate with other children, during breaks we can talk to each other and have fun with them. It is very important for students to learn and solve problems together. This help in their later life and development of a child. A human teacher is certainly better than a machine because he can understand the problems of people and children. The machine will never be able to feel like a human being. In addition, a human teacher can provide valuable guidance and standards that a mechanical teacher cannot.

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