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Question:  Do you think Asimov is warning us about the dangers of too much computerization?

Chapter: The Fun They Had

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In his short story "The Fun They Had", Isaac Asimov shows the school system based on technological advancement in the year 2157. Tommy, 13, and Margie, 11, are both studying with help of mechanical teacher at home. While individual teaching can train & provide skills and a perfect way to provide children with knowledge and information tied to a child's capacity. But there are some disadvantages too.

Students do not learn like a computer. Learning should be fun, otherwise the chances of forgetting things are high. What's worse is the fact that there are no social relationships like of today school. Studying with friends at school can be fun and interesting. Students develop their communication skills and behavior in the circle and environment. A mechanical teacher cannot give children moral values.

I think Asimov is trying to warn us that the school system in 2157 is a good way to provide children with information and knowledge about activities, but it is not good at developing communication skills, behavior, interesting & fun way of learning things.

In my opinion, the disadvantages are more serious than the advantages. So, I feel this is a warning given by Isaac Asimov through the story that this kind of schooling may not be an ideal option for students.

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