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Question:  Why did Margie hate school? Why did she think the old kind of school must have been fun?

Chapter: The Fun They Had

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Margie hated school because it wasn't fun. There was a machine teacher and the learning process was unhealthy and lacked life. It was like a machine doing a normal job, there was nothing new, no fun or interesting. Margie's mechanic's teacher was giving her exams in geography and she was doing poor. It was later discovered that the teacher had made a mistake because it was giving her higher level exams. Margie's mother called the County Inspector. He opened the computer, found the error, and fixed it. Margie disliked the teacher and hoped that he would not be able to correct her. He hated to provide homework and test papers in a given slot.

She thought that the children in the past must have been very happy when they went to school with other children. She found it amazing that all the kids were learning together, the same things and they could discuss lessons and help each other with homework. Since teachers were human, they could not behave like machines. The human factor of education in the past made him realize that the schools of the past were fun.

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