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What is Consumer Exploitation? What are the various ways in which a consumer can be Exploited? What steps can stop Consumer Exploitation?

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Consumer Exploitation

Consumer exploitation is practice of taking undue advantage of consumers or a group of consumers. In this system, consumers are cheated or given false information about a product/service by the producer. This is mainly done for the own benefit or purpose of these producers/companies.

This is usually by large companies/corporation with huge wealth, power and reach, who can manipulate the market in various ways.

The consumers who raise voices against the consumer exploitation are often harassed by these large companies. The large consumers base often find themselves in a helpless and weak position (more when there is regarding a good or a service).

Most of the times, these sellers don't accept their any type of responsibility. They often refers to their policies, Terms of use, or any other legal document, when caught after the damage is done. Also, their disclaimers, policies and others are mentioned in too small texts or placed where no one sees.

Various ways in which a consumer can be Exploited:

There are various ways through which consumers can exploited (is being exploited).

Here is a list of some of the malpractices done by sellers which result in exploitation of consumers. They are:

  • Under weighing of goods than the mentioned one
  • Selling goods of poor quality
  • Selling duplicate or 1st copy products
  • Selling goods on high prices than fixed price by govt.
  • Showing artificial scarcity of goods led to high price
  • Black marketing and hoarding to rise the demand
  • Misinformation regarding quality of the product
  • No timely supply of the goods
  • Adulteration of goods and mixing lookalike things to increase weight
  • False claims to sell the goods and services
  • Lack of safety devices
  • Do not deliver promised after-sale services.
  • Rude behaviour when complaint about the products
  • Hidden or undue conditions
  • Non-fulfillment of the sales guarantees and,
  • others.

Steps can stop Consumer Exploitation:

Consumer exploitation can be stopped by taking various measures. They can be (but not limited to),

  • Consumers lack awareness. Spreading awareness is the best way to deal.
  • Creating strict rules and regulations to stop consumer exploitation.
  • Consumers are not awareness of their rights. They need to know their rights.
  • Consumer ignorance is also a factor why they are exploited. Consumer need to pay attention towards what they are buying or paying for.
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