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Question: Which of the following terms matches closest with ‘Composite Policy’?


  1.  Shopkeepers’ insurance
  2.  Janatha Personal Accident insurance
  3.  Critical Care Health insurance
  4.  Marine Cargo insurance
  5.  Electronic Equipment insurance

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1. Shopkeepers’ insurance

The terms matches closest with ‘Composite Policy’ is Shopkeepers’ insurance.

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Composite insurance is an insurance contract that provides coverage to different insured individuals in relation to their different interests in the matter of the contract. And in any case, every insurer will be required to comply with policy obligations.

The Shopkeeper's Insurance is a combination of eleven sections covering risks faced by shopkeepers/traders. This policy includes construction, content, finance, pedal cycle cycle, glass plate, signage, liability, personal risk, guarantee of fidelity, debt and business disruption.

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