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How does the fitt Principle apply to the Development of a Successful Personal Fitness Program?

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FITT principle is a tried-and-true (tested and proved to be good or worthy) method of putting all together an efficient workout plan. It helps in understanding how long and how hard one should exercise.

Component of FITT principle: Frequency, Intensity, Time, and Type of fitness activities

FITT principle help in development of a successful personal fitness program as:-
  1. It helps in choose the appropriate level, duration, and frequency of fitness activities.
  2. It is great for monitoring exercise progress with cardiovascular activity and strength training.
  3. Hitting a plateau is common concern for those who are trying to reach their fitness goals. After looking at FITT plan, you can find ways to improve it.
  4. FITT principle encourages cross-training. Cross-training comes with several other benefits.
  5. FITT principle can be considered and used by all fitness levels. It's great for beginners.

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