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DoD Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Training - Full Answer

The course provides information on the 11 training requirements for accessing, marking, safeguarding, decontrolling and destroying CUI. It also covers the procedures for identifying and reporting security incidents.

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DoD Mandatory Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Training - Answer

What DoD Instruction implements the DoD CUI Program?
DoDI 5200.48, Controlled Unclassified Information

Who is responsible for applying CUI markings and dissemination instructions?
Authorized holder of the information at the time of creation

What is the goal of destroying CUI?
All of the above
- Make it unreadable
- Make it indecipherable
- Make it unrecoverable

What is the purpose of the ISOO CUI Registry?
A government-wide online repository for Federal-level guidance regarding CUI policy and practice

What is CUI Basic?
The subset of CUI for which the authorizing law, regulation, or Government-wide policy does not set out specific handling or dissemination controls

What is controlled unclassified information (CUI)?
Unclassified information requiring safeguarding and dissemination controls, pursuant to and consistent with applicable laws, regulations and government wide policies

Who can decontrol CUI?
All of the above
- OCA, if in a Security Classification Guide
- Designated office for decontrolling

What is CUI Specified?
The subset of CUI in which the authorizing law, regulation, or government-wide policy contains specific handling controls that it requires or permits agencies to use

CUI documents must be reviewed according to which procedures before destruction?
Records Management

Administrative, civil, or criminal sanctions may be imposed if there is an unauthorized disclosure (UD) of CUI?

What level of system and network configuration is required for CUI?
Moderate confidentiality

It is mandatory to include a banner marking at the top of the page to alert the user that CUI is present.

Who is responsible for protecting CUI?
DoD military, civilians, and contractors

What marking (banner and footer) acronym (at a minimum) is required on a DoD document containing controlled unclassified information?

At the time of creation of CUI material the authorized holder is responsible for determining:
CUI category, CUI markings and dissemination instructions

The correct banner marking for UNCLASSIFIED documents with CUI is:

The correct banner marking for a co-mingled document containing TOP SECRET, SECRET, and CUI is:

In order to obtain access to CUI, an individual must first have:
A lawful government purpose

Information may be CUI in accordance with:
Law, regulation, or government-wide policy

I don’t have a security clearance, so I don’t have to get a pre-publication review.

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