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Question: The worst type of collision to be in is a __________.


  1. rear-end collision
  2. right-rear collision
  3. side collision
  4. head-on collision

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4. Head-on collision

The worst type of collision to be in is a head-on collision.


A head-on collision is the worst type of collision you should be involved in, because this type of crash creates a high impact force during impact. Severe injury and death are more likely to occur in the event of a collision with the eyebrows compared to the other species mentioned earlier.

Not only do the cars stop abruptly, with sufficient force, the front of the car can break through the front of the driver and passenger car. The human body experiences a great deal of trauma during headaches that occur at moderate speeds up.

To avoid collisions with moving vehicles, stay alert and stay in your lane. Watch out for other cars off the lane and take action to avoid them.

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