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Question: Why do we need to conserve Resources? How resources conservation will benefits the future generation?

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The availability of resources is very important for any type of development. We need resources to continue our development and met our need of resources.

We need to conserve the resources to make sure for future availability.

Reason to Conserve the Resources:

  • In nature, resources are available in limited quantity. So, overuse of resources could let us out of resources. Imbalanced consumption and overuse lead to many socio-economic problems.
  • Population is growing at high rate. So, we need to conserve the resource to make sure that it is available for other people also.
  • Resources have always faced the problem of exploitation by greedy and selfish people who use power and money to misuse the resources.
  • Formation of resources takes a lot of time, sometimes millions of years. So, we need to use it wisely and conserve it. Once they are gone, it will never be available again.

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