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Question: Which of the following types of insurances is dissimilar to the other four options?


  1.  Builders’ Risks insurance
  2.  Hut insurance
  3.  Crop insurance
  4.  Livestock insurance
  5.  Health insurance

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1. Builders’ Risks insurance

'Builders’ Risks insurance' is a type of insurance which is dissimilar to the other four options.

More info:

  1. Builders’ Risks insurance - It is a special type of property insurance that covers damage to buildings during construction.
  2. Hut insurance - It applies to those huts that are used for living and built in rural areas with financial assistance.
  3. Crop insurance - Crop insurance is purchased by agricultural producers, and is funded by the government, to prevent the loss of their crops due to natural disasters, such as hail, drought, and floods, or loss of income due to falling prices for agricultural products.
  4. Livestock insurance - It covers cattle deaths as a result of fire hazards, road accidents, electricity, drowning, snake bites, strangulation, poisoning and external risk factors.
  5. Health insurance - Health insurance or medical insurance is a form of insurance that covers all or part of a person's risk of medical expenses.

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