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Question: Which of these classic novels had a first draft that was eaten by the author’s dog in 1936?


  1.  Moby-D!ck
  2.  Of Mice and Men
  3.  The Great Gatsby
  4.  The Old Man and the Sea

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2. Of Mice and Men

Classic novels "Of Mice and Men" had a first draft that was eaten by the author John Steinbeck’s dog in 1936.

More info:

The first draft of John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men" was eaten by his dog named 'Toby'.

Steinbeck wrote his agent, “Two months worth of work, gone. My setter pup, left alone one night, made confetti of about half of my manuscript. I was pretty mad, but the poor little fellow may have been acting critically,".

But John Steinbeck was able to rewrite the draft of his novel “Of Mice and Men”, which was published in 1937.

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