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Question: Which of these was invented by Benjamin holt?


  1. Caterpillar tractor
  2. Motor-operated airplane
  3. Submarine

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1. Caterpillar tractor

Caterpillar tractor was invented by Benjamin Holt in 1904.

More info:


Benjamin Holt was born on January 1, 1849. His full name was Benjamin Lorey Holt. He was an American inventor who patented and manufactured the first practical crawler-type tread tractor.

The Holt tractor ran on continuous metal-belted tracks instead of wheels, and the tracks kept the heavy vehicle from sinking in mud or dirt.

This invention brought a big change in the life of the farmers. The tractor replaced horses and mules, which helped the farmer to no longer raise crops to feed the animals and this eventually saved a lot of time and other resources of the farmers.

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