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Question: Every 30,000 miles, __________ of your car.


  1.  vacuum the interior
  2.  replace the brakes
  3.  inspect the trunk latch
  4.  service the automatic transmission

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  • Every 30,000 miles, __________. of your car
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4. Service the automatic transmission

Every 30,000 miles, service the automatic transmission of your car.

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Keeping a car is not as easy as you think. It should require proper care after completing 30000 miles especially if it is an automatic transmission.

It is recommended to change or service the automatic transmission of 30,000 km. This is an ideal schedule for a normal driver and will allow your transfer to continue with a continuous fluid flow, which ultimately results in a longer and more efficient transfer. Although there is no damage to conventional fluid replacement, they recommend that it be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles to get the best results from your transmission.

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