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Question: If you are inattentive on the road, you will__________.


  1.  rapidly drift into a microsleep
  2.  attract the attention of a policeman
  3.  not be prepared for the unexpected
  4.  certainly lose control of the vehicle

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3. Not be prepared for the unexpected

If you are inattentive on the road, you will not be prepared for the unexpected.


Careless or distracted driving becomes a major problem as people “do a lot of things” by talking on the phone, texting or watching text messages, eating, or watching TV while driving.

Driver negligence, especially driver interference, has a huge impact but is often overlooked which contributes to road accidents. Distractions, such as talking on the phone or eating, make it difficult for the driver to detect and respond to potential problems.

Being vigilant (not sleeping or under the influence) allows you to respond quickly to potential problems - such as when a driver in a car in the past applies the brakes at the last minute.

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