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Question: In Texas, failure to ________________ can cause you to be imprisoned for 5 years.


  1.  Renew your license
  2.  Register your vehicle
  3.  Render aid at the scene of a collision
  4.  Turn your headlights on at night

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3. Render aid at the scene of a collision

In Texas, failure to render aid at the scene of a collision can cause you to be imprisoned for 5 years.

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Leaving the scene of an accident - even if you did not cause an accident - is illegal in Texas in the event of property damage and / or injury. The law requires a person to provide certain information and, if injured (or dies), to provide assistance. Failure to stop and provide assistance is worse than failure to provide information for obvious reasons.

According to the Texas Transportation Code ยง 550.023, a driver involved in - but not caused by - an accident that results in injury or death to another person must provide appropriate assistance, including transporting or calling 911 to make arrangements to transport the injured person to a physician or hospital for treatment. treatment is required or, alternatively, the injured person requests to be referred to a physician or hospital. Therefore, if you are in an accident and someone may be injured, you need to stop and help that person, make sure you get the right care.

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