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Question: Motorcycles are extremely hard to see if they are __________.


  1.  powered by quiet motors
  2.  directly behind your vehicle
  3.  approaching from the side
  4.  driving on the shoulder

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3. Approaching from the side

Motorcycles are extremely hard to see if they are approaching from the side.

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According to several studies, about two thirds of all motorcycle accidents are caused by motorists who break a motorcycle. In fact, the inability of drivers to locate and identify motorcycles is a major cause of motorcycle accidents.

Human's vision is limited, for he cannot detect the slightest movement of a small object in the same way as a cobra. This means that a motorcycle approaching from a distance takes up a very small portion of the driver’s vision. If it is moving too fast, the driver may not register the bike before it appears to have suddenly appeared.

Apart from the fact that motorcycles (and cycles) are smaller than cars, so I miss it easily thinking there are two other things.

The front pillars of most cars have become thicker and stronger over the years. This is done to reduce the risk of collisions with the vehicle in the event of a collision. As a result, the driver's blind spots have become larger. A bicycle could easily be hidden in one of these blind spots. I was told that the Range Rover actually installed tv cameras without these pillars and the pillar side of the pillars turned into tv screens in an attempt to combat the effect of the blind spot.

Another very serious explanation is that drivers now feel more secure in their cars so as not to look at small things like motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians as the impact of one of those things will only affect next year's insurance money. They will look for cars, buses and trucks because they are big and can hurt! I'm sorry, but I was skeptical.

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