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Question: Which of the following contains multiple gymnosperm ovules?


  1. megasporangium
  2. megaspore
  3. integument
  4. ovulate cone

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4. Ovulate cone

Ovulate cone contains multiple gymnosperm ovules.


In the ovulate cones, there are one or more ovules located at the base of each cone scale. An ovule consists of a megasporangium, is surrounded by a single covering or integument, and eventually will become a seed.

An ovulate cone is a female cone.

When the ovulate cone is immature it contains many ovules in it and this, ovulate cone further develops to form a mature gymnosperm cone.

When the gymnosperm cone is formed all of the ovules have matured to form seeds, this happens due to the fertilization of the ovules by the pollen.

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