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Question: Which of the following United States Presidents served the shortest term in office?


  1.  Zachary Taylor
  2.  William Henry Harrison
  3.  James A. Garfield
  4.  Warren G. Harding

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2. William Henry Harrison

The US president who served shortest term in the office was William Henry Harrison.

More information:

William Henry Harrison was an American military officer and politician. He served as the 9th president of the United States. He was born on 9 February 1773 in Berkeley Plantation, Virginia, US.

He had the shortest presidency time in U.S. history. Henry Harrison died just 31 days after his inauguration on 4 April 1841. His presidential term was between 4 March 1841 to 4 April 1841.

He was from a political party called Whig Party.

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