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Question:  “What a waste!” What is Tommy referring to as a ‘waste’? Is it really a waste? Why/Why not?

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Tommy thought the paper book he found in his attic with words that were printed and did not move was a waste. Once a book had been read, it became useless and must be thrown away because it had the same content.


Printed books are a waste as telephone books are easily accessible. They can be stored in computer, mobile, and TVs and read over and over again. They takes very little space compared to printed books and do not need to be discarded once they have been read. In addition, materials such as wood and water are used in making of paper of book.


Printed books are not a waste as they can be read by many people over and over and can be kept for future generations. In addition, the data in the telebook may be lost or stolen. But in a printed book, the data printed on the page remains till the life of book.

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