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Question: Which of these Christmas-themed town names isn't real?


  1.  Santa Claus, Indiana
  2.  Christmas, Michigan
  3.  North Pole, Oklahoma
  4.  Candy Cane, Alaska

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4. Candy Cane, Alaska

Candy Cane, Alaska is christmas-themed town names which isn't real.

More info:

There is no Candy Cane in Alaska.

Actually, there are several places named after St. Nick. Fews are famous for the Santa Claus postmark. One example is Santa Claus, Indiana. It is a city located in the southwest portion of the state with population of around 2500 people.

Christmas, Michigan is home to just 400 residents, and was named for the holiday gift factory once located there.

There are 4 cities in the United States named North Pole. They are located in Alaska, Idaho, New York, and Oklahoma.

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