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Sound following a Flash of Lightning is called?

  1. Stoning
  2. Bolting
  3. Thunder
  4. Cloud clash
What cause this? Explain.

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Option (3):- Thunder

Sound following a Flash of Lightning is called Thunder.


The sound followed by lightning is called Thunder or Thunderclap. We knows that speed of light is much more than speed of sound. That's why, light travels much faster and earlier than sound. First lightning and later followed by Sound.

Thunder is caused by the rush of air into the space and thunder show is created by lightning as it travels from cloud to earth.

The cause of thunder has been the subject of centuries of speculation and scientific inquiry.
Early thinking was that it was made by deities, but the ancient Greek philosophers attributed it to natural causes, such as wind striking clouds (Anaximander, Aristotle) and movement of air within clouds (Democritus). Source -

sound following by a flash of lightning

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Sound following a Flash of Lightning is called Thunder.

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