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Question: Which of these types of tree keeps its leaves year-round?


  1.  Typha
  2.  Spodosol
  3.  Coniferous
  4.  Deciduous

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3. Coniferous

Coniferous is a type of tree that keeps its leaves year-round.

More info:

Evergreen Conifers, a tree that produces seeds in cones, include many kinds of needle-leaf trees.

The Coniferous forests are found in the equatorial regions and close to the tropics. Coniferous forests are made mainly of cone-bearing or coniferous tress. The leaves of these trees are small and needle-like or scales and most remain green all year round (evergreen).

They are all softwoods and are able to survive in cold temperatures and acidic soils. So tress in coniferous forests does not completely shed its leaves.

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