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Someone provide FEMA test answers to the FEMA IS 800.C: National Response Framework, an Introduction Exam.

How to find FEMA 800.C test answers for free?

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Answers are taken from public domain/internet and provided with good faith for educational purpose only. If it infringes any copyright, please contact us to remove it.

Here is list of answers to FEMA IS-800.C questions:

1. Federal coordinating structures include:
 → Federal law enforcement

2. A guiding principle of the National response framework is that:
 → Effective partnership relies on engaging all elements of the whole community.

3. Community emergency response teams are an example of:
 → Local coordinating structures

4. Which of the following are core capabilities for response?
 → Fire management and suppression; fatality management services; and environmental response/health and safety

5. Which organization is a multiagency coordination center generally staffed by ESFs in anticipation of or immediately following an incident?
 → Regional response coordination center

6. Coordination leadership at the Joint field office is provided by:
 → Unified coordination group

7. The National response framework is:
 → Always in effect, and elements can be implemented as needed on a flexible, scalable basis to improve response.

8. Select the false statement from below:
 → The National response framework explains how, at all levels, the nation effectively manages all-hazards response.

9. How the Federal government aligns resources and delivers core capabilities to reach our shared National preparedness goal is described in:
 → The Response federal interagency operational plan

10. The term “response” as used in the National response framework includes:
 → Actions to save lives, protect property and the environment, stabilize communities, and meet basic human needs following an incident.

11. States request assistance from other states through interstate mutual aid and assistance agreements such as:
 → Emergency management assistance compacts

12. All agencies with jurisdictional authority and/or functional responsibility for the incident provide joint support through mutually developed incident objectives and strategies. This is an example of:
 → Unified command

13. Which response core capability involves providing life-sustaining and human services to the affected population, to include hydration, feeding, sheltering, temporary housing, evacuee support, reunification, and distribution of emergency supplies?
 → Mass-care services

14. Who is responsible for leading the federal government’s response efforts to ensure that the necessary coordinating structures, leadership, and resources are applied quickly and efficiently to large-scale and catastrophic incidents?
 → The President

15. The SIOC acts as the FBI’s worldwide emergency operations center. Which of these is established by the FBI in response to significant threats or incidents involving Federal crimes under the criminal jurisdiction of the United States?
 → Joint operations center

16. Some nongovernmental organizations are officially designated as support elements to national response capabilities. Examples include all of the following except:
 → National response coordination center

17. Which response core capability includes conducting appropriate measures to ensure the protection of the health and safety of the public and workers, as well as the environment, from all hazards in support of the responder operations and the affected community?
 → Environmental response/health and safety

18. In order to help form a common operating picture of the incident and secure additional resources the incident commander relays requirements to:
 → Local emergency operations center

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