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Question: A bus hijacking can be the result of


  1. Drugs or alcohol
  2. Terrorism
  3. Gang initiation
  4. All of the above

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4. All of the above

A bus hijacking can be the result of drugs or alcohol, terrorism, gang initiation, and much more.


A bus hijacking can be the result of

  • Drugs or alcohol - A bus can be hijacked by drugs or alcohol mafia in order to save themselves from cops or other authorities. They often put demand of release them free in return of bus passenger safety.
  • Terrorism - Terrorism is growing concern for today's world. We often hear news about terrorists hijacked Bus or Airplane to fulfill their demand of money or release of other terrorists.
  • Gang initiation - Sometimes, local gangs also hijack the bus or other vehicles for their demands or to show their power to the authorities.

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