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How to increase website traffic on my website

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Since, I have visited your site,, I can see that it is a QnA website/forum. So, here is how you can increase website traffic.

Methods to increase website traffic:

  1. Advertise your site/blog using ads campaigns.
  2. Get Social. Share post/articles on various social media like Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, Quora,...etc. Install Social Share button on your site.
  3. Focus on Low competition keywords. Use SEMrush (Free one, 10 search per day) to find low competition keywords. You can also use Ahrefs (Rs.50 per month) to find low competition keywords.
  4. Do SEO of your site. Use SEMrush (free one) to audit your site and do SEO of your website.
  5. Create/Buy backlinks for your site. Backlinks not only increase brand visibility and Authority but also, backlink can bring traffic to your website. If you want to create high quality dofollow backlink for free, check out They have proper guide to make backlink from DA-90.
  6. Publish more and more content. More number of indexed post is likely to get more authority in search engine.

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